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Allegheny County Property Assessments

Real Property parcel characteristics for Allegheny County, PA. Includes information pertaining to land, values, sales, abatements, and building characteristics (if residential) by parcel. Disclaimer: Parcel information is provided from the Office of Property Assessments in…

Allegheny County Crash Data

Contains locations and information about every crash incident reported to the police in Allegheny County from 2004 to 2015. Fields include injury severity, fatalities, information about the vehicles involved, location information, and factors that may…

311 Data

This data set shows some 311 service requests in the City of Pittsburgh. The City is in the process of implementing a new software system to manage its 311 system and will continue to make…

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Guide to Election Results Data in Allegheny County

Election day is today, and if you're like us, you're probably going to want to make a map of the results by election district. To do this, you'll need the data and a map of election districts in Allegheny County. You can find a map of election districts as open data on our Website, but…

Fall Into Data with Some Great Events

There are many great data-related events on our fall events calendar, including Data Day, our annual celebration of all things data on October 22. We hope to see you often this fall. Data Day Saturday, October 22, 10:30 AM – 3 PM Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Main (Oakland), 4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 For…

Reflections on the September, 2016 National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership Meeting in Cleveland

Here’s my recap of the fall partner meeting of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP) in Cleveland. As always, the staff at the Urban Institute and our NNIP partner in Cleveland did a first-rate job in organizing the meeting and providing us with an outstanding experience. Happy Birthday, NNIP Since 2008, We’ve been a member of NNIP.…

Abstractions Reflections

Last week, we were fortunate to be invited to organize a "Distractions" workshop at the first-ever Abstractions Conference held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center Downtown. Abstractions was a cross-disciplinary conference designed to bring together designers, software developers, engineers, and managers, all of whom have key roles in the software development process. Abstractions was organized by…

Defining Environmental Justice Communities in Allegheny County: Data User Group Meeting Recap

  On July 29, we partnered with the Allegheny County Health Department on an event held at their offices in Lawrenceville. We convened over 30 data users to identify indicators that can be used to identify “environmental justice” communities. The Department's Plan for a Healthier Allegheny calls for targeted and focused strategies and investments to…