Hannah Nathanson

Communications Intern

Hannah Nathanson is majoring in English Writing with a certificate in Public and Professional Writing. She has just finished her junior year at the University of Pittsburgh. She is currently working with the Regional Data Center to revise and expand a financial sustainability plan, collect data user stories, and finalize a “Data 101” data literacy toolkit that will enable others to offer the materials from the joint Regional Data Center/Carnegie Library partnership.

Prior to working at the Regional Data Center, Hannah tutored at the University of Pittsburgh Writing Center where she advised a variety of students on grammar, structure and clarity in their writing. As a tutor, she works with students in the brainstorming stage, in the revision stage, and in the proofreading stage. She plans to continue tutoring in the fall. In addition to her position at the Regional Data Center, Hannah is an editor of Sampsonia Way, an online magazine that publishes censored and exiled writers’ works. She transcribes and edits interviews, edits columns, adds links, and posts finished pieces on WordPress. Hannah also loves writing fiction and poetry and has published a poem called “Jazz bar” that she wrote when studying abroad. After graduating, Hannah hopes to use her writing and editing skills to help people and organizations communicate their messages in the best way possible. She has considered technical writing and copyediting as possible career paths.

Likes: Open mics, stand-up comedy, cooking with lots of seasonings, live music, art festivals, art museums, Ted Talks, reading articles about new technology, reading fiction of various genres, creative writing, coffee

Dislikes: Bees, when it starts raining in the middle of a run, when pants have fake pockets