Community Asset Map and Data Available

by Bob Gradeck

March 23, 2020

Late last year, we started work on a database of community assets and an interactive asset map that can be used to support 2020 Census outreach activities.

  • Though imperfect, we’re launching our work now given the need for information about community assets as part of our community’s Covid-19 response.
  • We have assembled a large amount of data about community assets as we can from local, state, and federal data sources that we’re able to access. While there is still a lot to do to improve and assure the quality of this data, we wanted to make it available now as open data.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, or need help with data, we’d love to hear from you. Please drop us a line at

This data includes Allegheny County Housing Authority community sites, Allegheny County Health Department clinics, affordable housing properties, apartment buildings, banks, barbershops, bars, bus stops, child care centers, coffee shops, community nonprofit organizations, dentists, doctors offices, faith-based facilities, family support centers, farmers markets, food banks, gas stations, hair salons, health centers, homeless shelters, laundromats, libraries, museums, nail salons, nursing homes, park & rides, parks and facilities, pharmacies, polling places, post offices, public buildings, rec centers, restaurants, schools, senior centers, supermarkets, universities, VA facilities, veterans social organizations, WIC offices, and WIC vendors.