Guide to Election Results Data in Allegheny County

by Bob Gradeck

November 7, 2016

Election day is today, and if you’re like us, you’re probably going to want to make a map of the results by election district.

To do this, you’ll need the data and a map of election districts in Allegheny County.

You can find a map of election districts as open data on our Website, but the results are not available as open data until they are officially certified by the Allegheny County Board of Elections several weeks after votes are cast.

Unofficial results will be available on Allegheny County’s Election Website shortly after the polls close. The data will be in a human-readable text file. Processing is required to make this data machine-readable in a GIS-friendly file format. The file to process is named “Detail Canvass Report.”

If you want to compare the 2016 data to 2004, 2008, and 2012, we posted general election results from the last three presidential elections as open data.

Let us know through Twitter if you’ve made any maps, and we’ll be happy to share them with others.

Please be sure to vote!


Post-Election Update: We did make a map of the uncertified 2016 results from the Presidential election, and included it as a dataset on the open data portal.