People are at the heart of the Regional Data Center’s work. Staff based at the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Social and Urban Research are responsible for managing the project, maintaining the open data portal, automating data publishing processes, data management, and community engagement activities.

Learn more about our staff:

Bob Gradeck, Project Director

Liz Monk, Community Engagement and Special Projects

Steve Saylor, Developer

Ross Reilly, Developer

David Walker, Developer


Friends of the Regional Data Center

We often collaborate with others around campus. Here are a few colleagues here at Pitt that we often work with.

Aaron Brenner, Associate University Librarian for Digital Scholarship & Creation

Sera Linardi, Associate Professor of Economics, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs


The Regional Data Center’s governance and decision-making structure consists of an Executive Leadership Team, Community Advisory Board, and Project Management Team. Each is important in how we gather advice and make major decisions about the project.

Executive Leadership Team

Quarterly Executive Leadership Team meetings are used to forge consensus on major decisions and coordinate actions of the partner organizations in the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center. Participants in Executive Leadership Team meetings represent the organizations leading the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center, and include Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh, and the University of Pittsburgh Center for Social and Urban Research. Members of the Executive Leadership Team may also designate additional people to represent them on their behalf. The meetings also include participation of the Data Center project manager, along with City and County open data liaisons.

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board provides guidance and assistance to the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center. The primary purpose of the Board is to influence major data center decisions, events, programs, and initiatives. The Board also guided the development of a sustainable long-term business model and assist in fundraising. The Board has been on hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project Management Team

The Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center benefits from close working relationships between the University of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and the City of Pittsburgh. Monthly Project Management Team meetings allow key staff to collaborate on the day to day operation of the Data Center, coordinate activities and plan future tasks, activities, and events related to the project. Project team meetings can also involve external partners assisting with the project, as has been the case with partners at the Digital Scholarship team at the University of Pittsburgh’s University Library System.