Burgh’s Eye View

by Bob Gradeck

October 31, 2016

At first glance, Burgh’s Eye View might seem like some­thing from the dreams of our most “neb­by” neigh­bors. For the first time, you can easi­ly see all kinds of data about Pitts­burgh—includ­ing 311 re­quests, build­ing permits, code violat­ions, and pub­lic safe­ty in­ci­dents.But City data isn’t a log of when and where we put our park­ing chairs. It’s a huge col­lect­ion of in­form­ation about the world a­round us that can help us under­stand what’s happen­ing in our neigh­bor­hoods, and lead us to ideas and decis­ions that can make where we live bet­ter. We think of it as neb­by for the great­er good.So, whether you’re look­ing at in­form­at­ion about side­walks that need re­pair­ing, or map­ping out street­lights that are a lit­tle too dim, re­mem­ber: While data can help us know, its high­est pur­pose is to help us join to­get­her with other re­sid­ents and the City to make change.

To assist residents in engaging with their neighborhoods, public safety, 311, permit, and asset data is currently available on the Burgh’s Eye View map. To ensure residents’ privacy, certain types of data – such as the locations of arrests – have been generalized to the block or neighborhood level. The application is populated with data the City supplies nightly to the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center (WPRDC) and relevant data sets can be exported directly from the application as well as the WPRDC website.

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