Lots to Love

by Bob Gradeck

October 26, 2015

Lots to Love is a guide for community organizations and residents who are interested in transforming vacant lots into well-loved spaces. As you explore the site, you will find resources and ideas to do just that. You will also find information about many organizations that are already strengthening and greening the Pittsburgh region.

Vacant land causes a long list of issues, including a decreased tax-base for the surrounding neighborhood, public health issues, social isolation, and environmental hazards. In particular, vacant land has become a legacy of Pittsburgh’s economic shift that places a great deal of burden on the City. Within the City, vacant land is not only an economic challenge, but also a geographical and organizational one. These properties are highly dispersed, vary in size, and differ in title status. As such, the challenge facing the City of Pittsburgh and its residents often rests in finding viable interim uses, preserving future opportunities, and crafting long-term solutions all while streamlining these processes for interested individuals and groups.

As a result, GTECH Strategies – along with the City of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Greenspace Alliance – have developed this resource. Lots to Love will act as a centralized resource for anyone seeking information about the process for community driven greening projects, with a special focus on vacant parcels throughout the county.