Steve Saylor

Steve Saylor is a software developer at the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center at the University of Pittsburgh’s University Center for Urban Research (UCSUR). His work at the WPRDC focuses primarily on community-facing, open source tools to help his neighbors in the region use open data.  Steve also provides programming support on various other projects at UCSUR.

In Steve’s spare time, he can be found making music, building his own smart home, hydroponic gardening, building bus tickers, watching movies, exploring Pittsburgh’s eateries/drinkeries with friends, and working out at the gym.

Likes: Music, good movies, bad movies, classic video games, rain, robots, coffee, when steaks go half-price 3 days before the sell-by date

Dislikes: Mediocre movies, people who don’t realize/don’t care that a line has formed at the bus stop and that it’s rude to cut said line, overcrowded gym after new years