Using the Open Data Portal

Albert Lin drafted a series of training blog posts that can be used to get a better understanding of how to use the open data portal.

So You Want to Use Open Data: An introduction to the open data portal

Using ArcGis Online and Open Data: On making maps with open data

Using Tableau Public to Analyze Open Data: How to use the OData connector with Tableau to make powerful data visualizations


Data 101 Data Literacy Training Series

We’re excited to partner with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh on a “Data 101” training series designed to build information literacy, mapping, and data visualization skills. The series is designed for people looking to get started in using data or for more-experienced users looking to brush up on their skills. The training sessions will be offered monthly at one of the Library’s branches, and will be followed by ample time to practice what you’ve learned. We held our first workshop on May 10, with more in the works. Follow us on Twitter or sign-up for our email newsletter, and we’ll let you know when the next event is scheduled. The full calendar, including archived events appears below.

May 10, 2016: Introduction to Data Visualization Description, Slides


Publisher Training Resources (Beta)

As we continue to expand the number of organizations publishing data with us, we’ve developed a set of documentation to serve as a refresher and training resource for publishers. This is in beta format and will be edited as we go through the onboarding process for new publishers. We welcome your corrections, comments, and suggestions.

Getting started as a publisher: What you need to know.

Establishing your publishing priorities: What should I share?

Protecting privacy: How to identify and manage sensitive data and determine what not to share as open data.

Organizing your publishing work flow (coming soon): How you can structure your publishing pipeline. Also see the governance section in this guide from What Works Cities.

Preparing data for publication: Getting everything in order before you publish.

Metadata entry worksheet: Put the metadata details in place before you publish.

Publishing a dataset and resources: How to put everything on the data portal.

Moderating comments on the open data portal.