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Market Value Analysis - Urban Redevelopment Authority

In late 2016, the URA, in conjunction with Reinvestment Fund, completed the 2016 Market Value Analysis (MVA) for the City of Pittsburgh. The Market Value Analysis (MVA) offers an approach for community revitalization; it recommends…

Allegheny County Property Assessments

Real Property parcel characteristics for Allegheny County, PA. Includes information pertaining to land, values, sales, abatements, and building characteristics (if residential) by parcel. Disclaimer: Parcel information is provided from the Office of Property Assessments in…

Allegheny County Tax Liens (Filings, Satisfactions, and Current Status)

Tax liens are a method the government uses to secure an interest in unpaid tax debt. This dataset represents information about county, municipal, school district, and water/sewer tax liens by parcel (and property identification number,…

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Visualizing Internet Coverage in Pittsburgh

When you move into a new home, or change your address, the first wave of mail you receive usually includes offers from internet providers. The choice of providers — if you have the means, or even have the choice to begin with— is an increasingly important one; the internet has become an essential pathway to…

Reflections on the May, 2017 National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership Meeting in Baltimore

Last week, three members of our team (Liz Monk, Steve Saylor, and Bob Gradeck) travelled to Baltimore, Maryland for the Spring, 2017 partner meeting of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP). NNIP is a network of practice for community data intermediaries managed by the Urban Institute. NNIP partners in over 30 cities collect and transform…

Transportation and Property Data User Group Meeting Recap March 2017

Earlier this month, we held data user group meetings, which brought together many different data users to discuss topics related to transportation, real estate, and housing. We’ve been holding data user group meetings since the launch of the Regional Data Center. These meetings allow data users and data providers to: Build relationships with one another…

Regional Data Center 2016 Year in Review

On October 15, 2015, we went live with the data portal. This document gives us a chance to reflect back on a busy first year + 2 ½ months. In a followup blog post, we’ll take a look ahead at what to expect in 2017. Open Data Portal Use Use of the open data portal…

Measuring the Performance of the Regional Data Center

Our goal at the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center is to make community information easier to find and use. While operating the open data portal is at the core of our work, we also are involved in many different activities in our role as a data intermediary. To better understand how we’re doing, we have…